QUADRIPLEX 150 filling machine for sauces

Automatic volumetric mechanical Piston-Action Dosers ideal for the extremely accurate dosing of jams and mixed products with whole pieces, liquid and pasty in glass, metallic, or plastic containers sizes
QUADRIPLEX 150 filling machine for sauces
Formats Max hourly prod. Volume Prod. passage size
28-5.000 Gr. 12.000 CPH fino 1.000 Gr. 28-1.250 ml. 32 mm.

Main features of the machine:

  • Dosing system is characterised by a highly reliable technology, developed and deriving from a lengthy experience.
  • Volume is preset mechanically by electric motors with micrometric adjustments for optimum dosing accuracy.
  • Dispensers are easy to change and are available in different shapes according to the type of product being processed.
  • Dosing station is designed to minimize the mechanical handling of the food product in order to keep its organoleptic characteristics unchanged.
The conveyor belt can hold different kind of containers from 28 up to 5.000 ml., like
  • Round and shaped glass jars, bottles.
  • Metallic or aluminium tinplated cans.
  • Plastic buckets.
The machine complies with the conditions of the EEC Machine Directive. Made of stainless steel, simple and easy disassembly of the filling head, easy setting of the washing cycle permits perfect hygienic conditions.
  • Dosing unit's height is vertically adjustable by means of electric motor.
  • Fine volume is adjustable by means of electric motor independent for each filling head.
  • Conveyor rails are with automatic centring by single control hand-wheel.
  • Hourly output and dosing speed are adjustable by electronic frequency variator.
  • TOUCH SCREEN HMI to save size recipes, rapid input of dosing parameters and washing cycles. Pressing key corresponding to the size, PLC loads parameters automatically adjusting: volume, height, conveyor speed, number of fillings, etc.
  • Format change is therefore very fast and does not necessitate substitution of spare parts.
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