Fruit cocktail Piston Pump P.170

Mechanical piston-action feeding pumps ideal to transfer, feed, convey fruit cocktails and mixed products with whole pieces, liquid and pasty.
Fruit cocktail Piston Pump P.170
Flow Prod. passage size
700-5.000 Kg./h. DIN 65 o DIN 100

Main features of the machine:

  • Pump Station characterized by a highly reliable technology, developed and deriving from a lengthy experience.
  • Low speed operation even at high flow.
  • Large suction and outlet ports (DIN 65 o DIN 100).
  • Lack of valve.
The machine is designed to process different products types: mixed even with large-size and delicate products, pasty and liquid, high viscosity pasty products.
The machine complies with the conditions of the EEC Machine Directive. Made of stainless steel, simple and easy disassembly of the filling head, easy setting of the washing cycle permits perfect hygienic conditions.
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