Manual honey filling unit 0NRG.38

Semi-automatic volumetric mechanical manual piston-action dosing and filling machines ideal for honey, liquid and pasty in glass, metallic, or plastic containers.
Manual honey filling unit 0NRG.38
Formats Max hourly prod. Volume Prod. passage size
0-1.000 Gr. Depending from operator speed. 0-200 ml. 14 mm.

Main features of the machine:

  • Manual mechanical Dosing system, without any pneumatic or electric device.
  • Liquid products filling kit complete with pipe of suction from drums.
The conveyor belt can hold different kind of containers, like:
  • Round and shaped glass jars, bottles.
  • Metallic or aluminium tinplated cans.
  • Plastic buckets.
Made of stainless steel, simple and easy disassembly of the filling head, easy setting of the washing cycle permits perfect hygienic conditions.
  • Fine volume adjusting
  • Very fast format change, without any spare parts replacing.
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